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As the EV charging infrastructure is scaled up, it is essential that the charge points are easy to find, reliable and intuitive to use. We are used to paying for buses, groceries and fuel with payment cards which needs to be an option for public charge points - tap to initiate and authorise with correct payment collected on completion.

While customers and Government press for more charge points around the country (see - Local Authorities and service providers need to consider these 7 factors for successful return on investment and progress to netzero: 1. Sites in convenient locations for visiting drivers and those unable to charge at home 2. Appropriate type and mix of charge points 3. Easy to use with contactless payment option 4. Energy supply & partner able to meet demand 5. Appropriate effective signage and location mapping with status 6. Regulations & controls on use to deter blocking 7. Effective support & maintenance for high availability MaaStran Ltd can help advise on your EV Charging strategy and implementation whether procuring or supplying solutions. Contact us for an initial consultation. #evcharging #evcharginginfrastructure #contactlesspayment #netzero#strategy #consultancy

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