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Solution and Customer Proposition

Practical Solutions

We are a talented and experienced group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking solution designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow for transport authorities, operators and passengers. Current transport ticketing solutions are restrictive, fragmented and expensive to implement. MaaStran's unique proposition makes it EASIER to Integrate Multiple Operators and Modes. Through our established strategic partnerships, we have agreements to retail tickets for all 27 UK rail operators. This means that all bus and tram operators can now offer integrated, multi-modal tickets to their customers for longer journeys. We can also integrate with multi-mobility operators and offer a complete end-to-end solution to include contactless EMV, ETM’s, revenue protection and validators.


We can also advise businesses on the installation of EV charging points for their business vehicles.  RFID fob or Mobile APP for ease of use. Special offers available. See more

Our longer term plans include our innovative blockchain solution currently in development, using decentralised architecture and smart contracts. We will make ticket retail and transport token validation more secure without the need for complex rules, accreditation testing and audit. We are creating the ecosystem which will become the marketplace and mechanism for multi-modal e-ticketing and Account Based customer propositions.

Mobile Ticketing

MaaStran will transform the passenger experience on public and active transport


Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

MaaStran will make it easier, cheaper for transport operators to offer seamless journeys and payment

Contactless EMV

MaaStran delivers a quick, easy, low cost contactless payment service for transport


integrated, multi-modal tickets including rail


Mobile Ticketing

Benefits to Passengers

Customers will be able to buy e-tickets in advance using desktop or mobile apps, downloaded to a digital wallet on their mobiles. 


  • Seamless end-to-end multi-modal journeys including rail

  • Simple Barcode e-ticket delivered to mobile 

  • No need to queue for tickets and faster journeys with quicker boarding

  • Safer - as less interaction with transport staff or TVM’s

  • Multi-modal Journey Planner 

  • Best price algorithm built-in so passengers NEVER overpay for their rail tickets

  • 5G ready for enabled devices

  • Eco Rewards incentive scheme for travellers

  • Improved digital access and information for customers' own accounts

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Mobility as a Service


Benefits to Operators and

Transport Authorities

  • No large upfront costs 

  • Integrates journey planning, payments, multi-modal ticketing, rewards, revenue inspection, validation and settlement.

  • Fare Ticketing and Settlement as-a Service

  • Accommodates operators’ existing business models by working alongside their ticketing systems

  • Full integration with ALL National Rail

  • Faster, more accurate back office settlement to operators

  • No reduction in operator profit margins or discounting of fares required (unlike subscription services)

  • Enhanced settlement to operators with more accurate apportionment

  • Safer as less interaction with staff 

  • Eco Rewards incentive scheme included as added value to passengers 

  • Added value to customers by including multi-modal options

  • Faster boarding times

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Contactless EMV

Quick, Convenient and Easy to use

  • Offers an ‘Oyster like’ one stop service at fraction of the cost! 

  • Delivers true Frictionless travel with tap on/tap off and automatic fare calculation, aggregation and capping

  • Simple to install and configure!

  • Retro-fit, self contained validators, works alongside existing operator ticket machines

  • Lower cost ETM's (if required) with full barcode reading capability

  • Certified integration with Payment Service Provider's such as Littlepay

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True Multi-Modal Solution

  • With strategic partnerships in place, we have agreements to retail tickets for all 27 UK rail operators.

  • Through MaaStran, all bus and tram operators can now offer integrated, multi-modal tickets to their customers for longer journeys.

  • Ideal for commuters and first and last mile propositions

  • National Rail Accredited

  • Best price algorithm built-in so passengers NEVER overpay for their rail tickets

  • We can also integrate with multi-mobility operators.

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EV Charge Points

for business

Benefits For Businesses

We are working with an established energy and EV charging provider to help qualifying businesses install EV charge points for use by their staff and customers. Subject to survey, there is no upfront cost and monthly service charges could be covered by three 2hr charges per week. If you have parking places adjacent to your premises, you could install a twin charge point for your own use, customers and neighbours.


The charge is activated by RFID fob or Mobile APP and requires no administration on your part. Providing a charge point could help improve your local environment, assist your customers and make a return for your business.


Contact us for an initial assessment and further details. 

EV charging
Meet The Team

The directors of MaaStran bring extensive experience of transport services and existing ticketing and payment systems in rail, bus, tram, car club, cycle hire and rewards. The team are supported by legal, financial, marketing and operations management experts.

Contact us today to set up a meeting to discuss your requirements.



Erika Vincent MBA 

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Prior to forming MaaStran, Erika co-founded the consultancy company Smartran and has been Business Development Director since its launch. Erika has over fifteen years transport ticketing experience and has also advised the GLA, London Councils and many other government departments and transport operators. Erika has led multiple successful OJEU/LA Framework bids and also created a reward scheme to incentivise use of public transport. Erika has an MBA with distinction from Durham University Business School



Kevin Farquharson


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Kevin Farquharson is an expert in payment applications, account based ticketing, transport smart ticketing, reward schemes and university card schemes. He has over 30 years wide-ranging experience successfully implementing and managing multi-million pound IT programmes and projects. He has gained his experience in Government, Transport, Local Authority, Oil & Gas, Finance, Utility and Technology sectors. Kevin has a degree in Engineering from the University of Cambridge



Linus Norton


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Linus has over 13 years experience in software development, technical leadership and the rail industry. He is a specialist in journey planning algorithms, ticket issuing and settlement systems. Linus has previously held C-level positions at On Track Retail and Assertis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your solution in use?

The components of our solution are widely deployed (including retail for all 27 UK rail operators) and proven with our partners. We are bringing these together on a single innovative platform to make the use of public transport easier and more attractive.

Who are your partners?

We are working with Transmach who provide bus and mobile ticketing solutions and ASSERTIS who is an accredited provider of internet rail ticketing. We are also integrating with the proven green travel reward scheme from Ecological Rewards.

Surely contactless payment cards are the solution and already in use?

Use of contactless payment cards in transport (Transit EMV) is very successful and we are able to offer as part of our solution for bus and tram operators. However outside of London, there are few multi-modal schemes with daily and weekly capping. It works well for individual operators, but is harder to evolve into a multi-modal customer proposition. Liability limits and customer support complexity make it less attractive and cost effective for operators. It is not suitable for longer distance journeys where reservations are available and advance purchase tickets are often cheaper than walk-up fares.

We have a smart card-based scheme already?

Our solution complements existing ITSO and proprietary smartcard schemes which are best suited for concessions, commuters and frequent local journeys. Our offering for bus/tram operators includes retail and validation of smartcard based passes and tickets. Over time more people will want their travel passes accessible via their phone and we will work with schemes and operators to merge the propositions.

What are your charges?

Depending on the components you require there are setup costs, equipment installation work and ongoing service & transaction charges. We aim to provide a highly competitive solution by reducing complexity, re-use of proven components and low card payment charges. We expect to provide better value than alternative solutions which may be limited to one mode of travel.

How can I invest in your company?

We are bootstrapped up to this point but as we scale out we would be delighted to discuss any potential investments. Please contact us. 

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